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Games created at UMBC:

remnant icon Remnant Real-time tower defense with Zombies.
jumper icon Jumper Help the demon escape the lab by possessing the bodies of the jumpsuited minions.
gunther icon Gunther Gunther got big hammer! Smush demons real good.
cryoPyro icon CryoPyro Mr. Freezey and Mr. Frosty work together to get it done.
feather teather icon Feather Teather Work with your bird friend to get high.
qtipNightmare icon Q-Tip Nightmare Mr. Q-Tip is running from giant ear man, who has waxy build-up.
mels Bridge icon Melifador's Bridge Side-view medieval fight game.
argyle icon Argyle Nights Hunt dragons with your nice bear friend.
purgatoryHeights icon Purgatory Heights Turn-based strategy combat with monsters.
gwain icon Gwain Climb pretty platforms, collect valuable items for Pina Colada Assembly.
commanders icon Commanders Direct artillery; kill creeps.
cannon icon Cannon Barrel shooting from a pirate ship.
circus icon Circus Aim for the net so you won't die.
zombieMadness icon Zombie Madness Artillery with Zombies.
fire fighter icon Fire Fighter Save the forest.
scarredSteel icon Scarred Steel Mech combat first-person shooter.



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