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UMBC has recently created two new options for students interested in studies in interactive entertainment and game development. The Visual Arts Department has a new undergraduate concentration on Animation and Interactive Media. The CSEE Department has a new track within the Computer Science program on Game Development. Both departments began offering these programs in the Fall of 2007.

The Animation and Interactive Media concentration includes an Animation track and Interactive Media track. Track requirements include all other Visual Arts BA requirements plus...

  • For both Animation and Interactive Media
    • ART 341: Introduction to Animation
    • ART 343: History of Animation
    • ART 382: Interactive Media
    • ART 383: Sound Design
    • ART 384: Computer Animation
    • ART 387: Expression in Time and Motion
    • ART 488: Advanced Topics in Animation/Interactive Media
      or upper level AIM elective
    • ART 489: Senior Projects
    • ART 484: Advanced 3D Animation
  • For Animation track only
    • ART 347: Writing for Media
    • ART 447: Special Effects & Motion Graphics
  • For Interactive Media track only
    • ART 380: History and Theory of Games
    • ART 486: Interactive Media II

There is additional information on the Visual Arts department pages.


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